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Why B-Protek?

B-Protek is the team of choice to accompany, train, support and mentor entrepreneurs who wish to invest in a business specialized in concrete resurfacing in Canada. We offer you the opportunity to actively participate in the development of our business model and our success!

B-Protek        Brian McCourt.


Brian McCourt, TV Personality and Contractor asks us about the world of franchising and the benefits of becoming a franchisee.

The DNA of a Franchise
Business System

Why our Restrictive Business Model Works

The Decision-Making Process in a Franchise Business Model

The Modern Franchise Business Model

Choosing the Right Franchise for You

Becoming a Profitable Franchisee

Buying a Business – Not a Job

What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?

What Makes a Good Franchise Owner?

The Cost of a Franchise and the Return On Investment (ROI)

Our Key Differentiators in the Epoxy Field

Do I Need Industry Knowledge to Own a Franchise? 

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Curious to learn more?

Get more information on our innovative and proven franchise model.

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